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Caterham’s One-Stop Shop for Domestic Appliance Parts

Based just 8 miles away from Caterham in Banstead, All Spares Domestic has all you need for your household appliances, from domestic appliance spares to vacuum cleaner repairs. We stock domestic appliance parts from a wide variety of popular household brands, and can source the part you need no matter what the make or model. Our mobile repairs team can also conduct washing machine repairs at your home promptly and efficiently, ensuring your appliances are back to their best in no time.

Whilst those in Caterham with a bit of DIY experience may be tempted to take on washing machine repairs and vacuum cleaner repairs themselves, on this page we’ve outlined a few reasons why these tasks are best left to the professional engineers at All Spares Domestic.


All Spares Domestic have been operating in the Caterham area for over 30 years, and the experience amassed by our team during that time can provide unrivalled diagnostics and repairs for your appliance. We have conducted thousands of washing machine repairs and vacuum cleaner repairs over the years, and we can narrow down exactly the part that’s malfunctioning and fix it quickly and effectively, either at our Banstead store or at your home for larger appliances.

Wide Variety of Stock

We stock domestic appliance parts from a huge range of household names, and can source parts from even the most obscure brands. It may be tempting to save on domestic appliance spares by picking up a cheaper, generic option from sites like Amazon or eBay, but we have found that these can break easily or wear quickly, and sometimes not even work at all. It makes far better financial sense to invest in the brand quality that your washing machine or vacuum cleaner requires in the long-run. Your friends at All Spares Domestic can help Caterham residents save money and time.

Fast-Acting Service

All our domestic appliance parts can be posted nationally with next-day service once ordered, so your domestic appliance spares can be with you in no time at all. Also, our washing machine repairs team can be at your Caterham home promptly, which can save you time on ordering a part yourself, waiting for it to come, and then spending precious spare hours fixing your appliances. Optionally, smaller appliances can be brought to our Banstead shop, and vacuum cleaner repairs can be done in less than an hour. Our quick and efficient service and professional approach has seen us become by far the most popular choice for domestic appliance services in the Caterham area.

For washing machine repairs and vacuum cleaner repairs, Caterham residents need look no further than All Spares Domestic. Call us on 01737 361 944 to book in a service.

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