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Domestic Appliance Repairs in Cheam and Surrey

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It’s late and you’re back at home after a busy week. You’re just putting the washing on and vacuuming the house to make your Cheam home look presentable for the weekend. The family have done their usual disappearing act, leaving you to clean up alone when the washing machine suddenly stops working.

You then notice that the vacuum isn’t picking up the dirt and the oven isn’t heating up to cook the meal you’ve been trying to prepare between all the chores.

What would you do at this moment in time for a company that undertakes domestic appliance repairs in the Cheam area? While it’s unlikely for all appliances to fail at the same time, we’ve all been there when a machine fails to work at the worst possible time.

This is where All Spares Domestic can help. We are a Banstead-based company that specialises in washing machine repairs and vacuum cleaner repairs for clients in Cheam and Surrey. We can send an engineer round to check on what has gone wrong.

With our large range of domestic appliance parts, we can usually have the problem fixed quickly whilst you carry on with your daily routine.

30 Years of Domestic Appliance Repairs

As a company that has been undertaking domestic appliance repairs in the Cheam area for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on being able to restore normality (and sanity!) in the homes of our clients and saving them money in the process.

Most appliances are fixable and our experienced engineers can usually undertake washing machine or vacuum cleaner repairs at your property in Cheam within 24 hours.

We have many spare domestic appliance parts in stock for cooker, fridge and washing machine repairs. This means we can carry out the work right away and you won’t have to wait for spare parts to be ordered.

The same goes for our vacuum cleaner repairs in Cheam. If we do have to order any domestic appliance parts in, we only have to wait until the next working day. While we prefer not to leave you without an appliance, we can take your machines back to our workshop and return them to Cheam once they are completed.

For domestic appliance repairs in Cheam from a trusted local company that covers the whole of Surrey, call us now (01737) 361 944.

Photo of Washing Machine Repairs Reigate, Vacuum Cleaner Repairs Reigate
Image of Washing Machine Repairs Cheam, Vacuum Cleaner Repairs Cheam

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