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Domestic Appliance Parts for Leatherhead Homeowners

With over 30 years’ experience in the domestic appliance business, Leatherhead residents should look no further than All Spares Domestic for domestic appliance parts and repairs. We operate a shop in nearby Banstead, but our mobile repairs team can come to your home within 24 hours of your call for washing machine repairs and vacuum cleaner repairs. Our wide range of domestic appliance spares from renowned brands and the friendly, approachable customer service of our appliance engineers have seen us become a trusted name throughout Surrey.

On this page, our professionals impart some of their vast knowledge of domestic appliances and look at some maintenance tips for your washing machine and vacuum cleaner. We’d like to help you avoid breakdown if necessary, but should things go wrong, call us on 01737 361 944 and we can diagnose and fix your faulty appliance in Leatherhead as soon as possible.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Inspect the hoses – Check your washing machine’s water hoses for signs of wear a couple of times a year. If you discover any cracks or blisters, replace the hose. We stock hoses from a multitude of known brands as part of our domestic appliance parts range. Any blemishes could cause a leak or burst, and expensive flood damage to your Leatherhead property. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years – it may be prudent to stock up on domestic appliance spares, so you’re well prepared if your hose should become worn.

Prevent flood damage – In the event your washing machine’s fill hoses burst or the water level switch malfunctions, you’ll get instant water damage in your Leatherhead home. This can be prevented by a water shutoff system and a washing machine overflow pan. Talk to the washing machine repairs specialists at All Spares Domestics for tips on how to install these.

Don’t overload it and keep it level – Frequent overloading is a common cause of motors burning out, which can lead to requiring washing machine repairs. Oversized loads can also throw the machine off balance, which can make an awful racket with loud vibrations. Follow the owner’s manual’s instructions on appropriate loading sizes.

Clean inside and out – We find that the longest lasting washing machines are the ones given the most care. Clean the inside once a month, clean the fabric softener dispenser, and touch up gashes and scrapes with paint to prevent rusting. Cleaning products are available from our Banstead store (just a 20-minute drive from Leatherhead), as is our extensive range of domestic appliance parts. Domestic appliance spares can also be posted nationwide with next-day delivery.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Replace the bag regularly – If you have a traditional vacuum cleaner model that still has a bag, overloaded, poorly attached or worn bags can cause problems, as dust and debris can find its way into places it shouldn’t. You can find bags from all major manufacturers in our domestic appliance spares range, and even if we don’t stock the bag for your vacuum cleaner, we can source and post it to your Leatherhead home promptly.

Empty bagless models often – More modern bagless vacuum cleaners can also become clogged with dirt, particularly wet gunk that can collect around the top of the suction mechanism. Ask the vacuum cleaner repairs experts at All Spares Domestic for tips on how to do this.

Clean the brush roll – If your brush roll is worn or dirty, the suction of your vacuum cleaner will be far less effective. Brush rolls can last longer with regular cleaning, but if this component is beyond repair, you can pick up a new one by visiting our domestic appliance parts shop, or have it posted to your Leatherhead home.

Check the belt, filters and hoses – Vacuum cleaners are complex machines, so servicing of components like belts, filters and hoses are best left to the vacuum cleaner repairs professionals of All Spares Domestic. However, if you feel you’re up to the task of replacing these yourself, please consider buying branded domestic appliance parts from us rather than cheaper alternatives on the internet.

From domestic appliance spares to washing machine repairs, All Spares Domestic have it all for Leatherhead residents. Call us on 01737 361 944 to find out more.

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