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Washing Machine Repairs in the Reigate Area

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At All Spares Domestic, we undertake domestic appliance repairs for clients in the Reigate area and one of our main areas of service is washing machine repairs. When your washing machine fails to work, most people automatically fear the worst and start thinking about a replacement; a major expense most people could do without.

All Spares Domestic usually find that the fault is often far simpler and more affordable to repair. Our engineers can be with you within 24 hours to see what has stopped your washing machine from working. Our washing machine repairs in Reigate are usually needed to rectify one of the following issues:

  • Electrical tripping/fusing or other electrical faults
  • Laundry not cleaning correctly
  • Loud and excessive noise
  • Lack of water entering the machine
  • Program stopping mid cycle
  • The machine incorrectly draining
  • Washing machine error codes
  • Washing machine fills when it shouldn’t
  • Washing machine water doesn't heat up correctly

Our engineers work in the Reigate area using top-branded domestic appliance parts and work from official repair guides as laid out by leading companies such as Zanussi, Bosch, LG and Hotpoint. We keep a large amount of domestic appliance parts in stock so that our experienced team can locate the problem and resolve it quickly.

In the odd instance where we don’t have the spare part to hand, we can order and have it delivered within 24 hours.

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs for Clients in Reigate

We also carry out vacuum cleaner repairs in Reigate. We can locate the problem with your machine almost instantly and rectify the problem without having to take it away. If it’s the motor, belts or one of the valves, we’ll almost certainly have the correct spares on our van or available at our premises.

All it takes is one call to All Spares Domestics and we can arrange a convenient time to inspect your machine with a view to undertaking immediate vacuum cleaner repairs. If we do have to take your vacuum cleaner away, we’ll carry out the repairs as soon as possible and deliver it back to your Reigate address once fixed.

For all other domestic appliance repairs in Reigate or the surrounding Surrey area, speak to one of our team today and they will help you with your enquiry.

Call us now on (01737) 361 944 for domestic appliance repairs in Reigate from Surrey’s trusted independent specialists.

Photo of Washing Machine Repairs Reigate, Vacuum Cleaner Repairs Reigate
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